Hurricane Windows and Protection from Sound, Theft and Sun

Hurricane windows provide more than protection from storms, they protect from sound, provide increased security and UV and Sun protection.

CoverAll is Your Trusted Choice for Hurricane Windows and Impact Resistant Doors

CoverAll‘s hurricane windows are engineered with strength and feature fusion welded, reinforced profiles, and durable extruded PVC vinyl. This means superior resistance to wind and airborne debris – in a window that’s proven to stand up to the harshest conditions. Our windows are triple pane, and reinforced by a laminate system. With double-strength, tempered glass, CoverAll windows offer superior strength and resistance.

With heavy-duty impact glass and brawny construction, boarding up your doors and hassling with shutters won’t be one of your concerns this storm year. Storm windows provide ultimate protection from storms and hurricanes 24/7. Our products and materials are strong, elegant, and go above and beyond your expectations for protecting your home when a hurricane comes.

CoverAll provides safe hurricane windows that are shatterproof. The interlayer reduces the potential of injury from accidental glass breakage.Impact resistant glass will keep your home safe from flying debris. Aluminum storm windows reduce the amount of air that escapes and enters your home. During the hot summer months when residents typically have the air conditioning cranked up high this is a huge advantage.  New aluminum storm windows will typically pay for themselves through reduced energy costs in a few short years.

Aluminum storm windows provide other benefits too. If you are close to a highway you will enjoy the noise reduction that these windows provide.  They also provide advanced sound control  – effectively eliminate up to 50% more noise than single pane glass with an STC rating of 35. Increased security for your home from smash and grab burglars will help you have peace of mind.  UV reduction and sun protection provide you with comfort in your home during those scorching hot Florida summer months. In addition, new windows can improve the look of your home and increase its value. When it comes to your biggest investment, your home, choose a company that is known for its affordabililty and expertise.

The next hurricane season is almost upon us, without storm proof windows, do you feel protected with your home’s current windows and doors? Is there a chance that your family could be vulnerable against flying debris caught in a hurricane’s strong winds? With Florida’s numerous tropical storms every year, storm windows and shutters provide the peace of mind when storms occur. Preparing for hurricanes is practically a way of life for Floridians. Boarding up your home, stocking up on batteries, canned goods, water and other supplies, and then waiting for the storm to pass.

Impact Resistant Windows in Florida.

It is only natural to assume that your home’s windows and doors will hold up during a natural disaster. When CoverAll is on the job, there is never any doubt that you are safe. Whenever we are installing hurricane resistant doors and windows, our team approaches each project with a sense of ownership and pride in our workmanship that you can count on. It is this trust that we have earned that is the very foundation of the long-lasting relationships we have built and maintained with all of our customers. Rest assured that every product is designed to pass all of Florida’s stringent building codes.

For more information about storm windows and shutter contact CoverAll Aluminum at 800-833-9685 or visit


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