The Comfort of a Custom Screen Room

In the summer heat, it can be exhausting to go sit outside on your porch or patio. Not only do you have to deal with the extreme heat, but you also have to endure nasty wasps and bugs flying all around you. In addition, mosquitoes are awful at night and cause many individuals to not spend time out under the bright, starry sky because of the thought of being eaten by those nasty blood-sucking insects! And it’s not just summer. Enjoyable cooler nights are also a factor when you can’t enjoy them outside because of bugs.
Screen rooms can be attached to your home or they can be a stand-alone room in the yard away from the home.

Either way, they bring your family many benefits including but not limited to the following:
Bug-free Environment – Many homeowners do not like to have any type of friend or family gatherings outside their home due to the number of insects (flies, wasps, mosquitoes, etc.) flying all around the vicinity. With a screen room, you can enjoy the comfort of a 100% bug-free environment without the need for spray repellant and repellant candles that seldom work.
Be Closer to Nature – Many homeowners enjoy their yard. Adding gardens or landscaping may be a favorite past time. However, sitting outside and enjoying the garden, trees and outdoors is a hassle if you are being attacked by bugs or sitting in the heat of the sun. With a screen room you can comfortably sit and enjoy your yard and use the additional space for entertainment with family and friends.

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Add Value to Your Home – Whether you are bringing in a stand-alone screen room or adding a room onto your home in which screens will be used to separate you from the outdoors, the major benefit is your home’s value. In any day and age, a homeowner is always trying to figure out a way to increase the value of their home and adding a screen room is a very easy, cost-effective way to do just that.

Screen Room
Entertainment Area – With a screen room you will enjoy having the additional space for entertainment. Friends and family will enjoy the bug free, shaded room where they can sit and enjoy your landscaping or garden during the day or in the evening.
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