How to Save Money with New Windows

New windows not only provide your home with great curb appeal like a new roof, siding or landscape, but they also provide so much more. New windows can save you money! 40 percent of central heating is lost through windows and doors, quality window replacement with proper insulation will ensure that you have a substantial savings on utility bills.

Another great way that windows will save you money is in maintenance costs and convenience. New windows don’t requite the constant upkeep of scraping, replacing putty and repainting.

Good windows that are installed properly and don’t allow for any air leakage can yield a substantial savings. So how do you know how much you will save? Well that will depend on the type of windows you choose and the windows you are replacing along with their current condition.

In the average home, 38 percent of the heat loss is through windows and doors. In some cases fixed windows may be an option. A fixed window can’t open or close and their simply are no gaps for air to escape. Fixed windows may be an excellent option in certain locations.


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