Glass Room Additions – expand your home’s square footage

Glass room additions are a great way to expand your home’s square footage while at the same time providing you with the indoor and outdoor experience the addition offers.


There are numerous advantages and benefits in adding a screen room, glass room or sun room to your home. We have featured comments we hear most frequently.

Sun Rooms (with windows):

  • Create a climate controlled air conditioned and heated room to enjoy all year around.
  • Increase the useable square footage and living space of your home.
  • Provide valuable and beautiful space in which to entertain friends and family.
  • Increase security and added privacy to your home.

Screen Rooms:

  • Keep pests like mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, flies and other flying insects out.
  • Protect your family from the environment.
  • Screen rooms are custom designed to complement the design and exterior of your home.
  • Are constructed from an all aluminum frame which will not deteriorate.
  • Doors are self latching and closing.
  • Screen Rooms are covered by Home Owner’s Insurance.

CoverAll Aluminum builds professional glass rooms and screen rooms for your home that look good and allow you to better enjoy Florida’s weather in style. As licensed and insured construction contractors, we work with you to custom design your glass room perfectly for your home. Whether it is optimizing the space available, or coming up with a classic, elegant design, we can help.

Along with our custom room construction and installation, we also provide repairs and replacement work for your existing room. Our staff has experience working with acrylic, glass, and vinyl windows and most screen types. Simply put, you have several options available and we help you to pick one that meets your specifications while staying within budget.

Hurricane Windows and Protection from Sound, Theft and Sun

Hurricane windows provide more than protection from storms, they protect from sound, provide increased security and UV and Sun protection.

CoverAll is Your Trusted Choice for Hurricane Windows and Impact Resistant Doors

CoverAll‘s hurricane windows are engineered with strength and feature fusion welded, reinforced profiles, and durable extruded PVC vinyl. This means superior resistance to wind and airborne debris – in a window that’s proven to stand up to the harshest conditions. Our windows are triple pane, and reinforced by a laminate system. With double-strength, tempered glass, CoverAll windows offer superior strength and resistance.

With heavy-duty impact glass and brawny construction, boarding up your doors and hassling with shutters won’t be one of your concerns this storm year. Storm windows provide ultimate protection from storms and hurricanes 24/7. Our products and materials are strong, elegant, and go above and beyond your expectations for protecting your home when a hurricane comes.

CoverAll provides safe hurricane windows that are shatterproof. The interlayer reduces the potential of injury from accidental glass breakage.Impact resistant glass will keep your home safe from flying debris. Aluminum storm windows reduce the amount of air that escapes and enters your home. During the hot summer months when residents typically have the air conditioning cranked up high this is a huge advantage.  New aluminum storm windows will typically pay for themselves through reduced energy costs in a few short years.

Aluminum storm windows provide other benefits too. If you are close to a highway you will enjoy the noise reduction that these windows provide.  They also provide advanced sound control  – effectively eliminate up to 50% more noise than single pane glass with an STC rating of 35. Increased security for your home from smash and grab burglars will help you have peace of mind.  UV reduction and sun protection provide you with comfort in your home during those scorching hot Florida summer months. In addition, new windows can improve the look of your home and increase its value. When it comes to your biggest investment, your home, choose a company that is known for its affordabililty and expertise.

The next hurricane season is almost upon us, without storm proof windows, do you feel protected with your home’s current windows and doors? Is there a chance that your family could be vulnerable against flying debris caught in a hurricane’s strong winds? With Florida’s numerous tropical storms every year, storm windows and shutters provide the peace of mind when storms occur. Preparing for hurricanes is practically a way of life for Floridians. Boarding up your home, stocking up on batteries, canned goods, water and other supplies, and then waiting for the storm to pass.

Impact Resistant Windows in Florida.

It is only natural to assume that your home’s windows and doors will hold up during a natural disaster. When CoverAll is on the job, there is never any doubt that you are safe. Whenever we are installing hurricane resistant doors and windows, our team approaches each project with a sense of ownership and pride in our workmanship that you can count on. It is this trust that we have earned that is the very foundation of the long-lasting relationships we have built and maintained with all of our customers. Rest assured that every product is designed to pass all of Florida’s stringent building codes.

For more information about storm windows and shutter contact CoverAll Aluminum at 800-833-9685 or visit

Inspecting and Replacing Windows and Doors with Leaks could save a Homeowner Hundreds Every Year

If your windows are drafty, look worn out, and are just plain cranky to operate you may consider getting new ones, especially since the energy savings will help offset the cost.

Take a close look at your windows, doors, and skylights to stop air leaks, foil water drips, and detect the gaps and rot that let the outside in. You can perform a quick check with a home air-pressure test, or a DIY energy audit.

Luckily, these inspections are easy to do. Here’s how to give your house a checkup:
How to Check for Air Leaks

A home air pressure test sucks outside air into the house to reveal air leaks that increase your energy bills. To inspect windows and other openings:
• Seal the house by locking all doors, windows, and skylights.
• Close all dampers and vents.
• Turn on all kitchen and bath exhaust fans.
• Pass a burning incense stick along all openings — windows, doors, fireplaces, outlets — to pinpoint air rushing in from the outside.
How to Pinpoint Window Problems

Air and water can seep into closed widows from gaps and rot in frames, deteriorating caulking, cracked glass, and closures that don’t fully close.

To stop air leaks, give your windows a thorough inspection:
• Give a little shake. If they rattle, frames are not secure, so heat and air conditioning can leak out and rain can seep in. Some caulk and a few nails into surrounding framing will fix this.
• Look deep. If you can see the outside from around — not just through — the window, you’ve got gaps. Seal air leaks by caulking and weather stripping around frames.
• Inspect window panes for cracks.
• Check locks. Make sure double-hung windows slide smoothly up and down. If not, run a knife around the frame and sash to loosen any dried paint. Tighten cranks on casement windows and check that top locks fully grab latches.
Inspecting Doors for Leaks
• Check doors for cracks that weaken their ability to stop air leaks and water seeps.
• Inspect weather stripping for peels and gaps.
• Make sure hinges are tight and doors fit securely in their thresholds.

If you are considering new windows, need more information on how much you could save each year, or any other questions about windows, doors and screen rooms, contact Coverall Aluminum. Coverall Aluminum offers custom solutions for your Florida home. Visit for windows , doors and screened room solutions or call 1-800-833-9685. Coverall Aluminum offers quality work at a fair price.

The Comfort of a Custom Screen Room

In the summer heat, it can be exhausting to go sit outside on your porch or patio. Not only do you have to deal with the extreme heat, but you also have to endure nasty wasps and bugs flying all around you. In addition, mosquitoes are awful at night and cause many individuals to not spend time out under the bright, starry sky because of the thought of being eaten by those nasty blood-sucking insects! And it’s not just summer. Enjoyable cooler nights are also a factor when you can’t enjoy them outside because of bugs.
Screen rooms can be attached to your home or they can be a stand-alone room in the yard away from the home.

Either way, they bring your family many benefits including but not limited to the following:
Bug-free Environment – Many homeowners do not like to have any type of friend or family gatherings outside their home due to the number of insects (flies, wasps, mosquitoes, etc.) flying all around the vicinity. With a screen room, you can enjoy the comfort of a 100% bug-free environment without the need for spray repellant and repellant candles that seldom work.
Be Closer to Nature – Many homeowners enjoy their yard. Adding gardens or landscaping may be a favorite past time. However, sitting outside and enjoying the garden, trees and outdoors is a hassle if you are being attacked by bugs or sitting in the heat of the sun. With a screen room you can comfortably sit and enjoy your yard and use the additional space for entertainment with family and friends.

Honaker photo 2 After (2)

Add Value to Your Home – Whether you are bringing in a stand-alone screen room or adding a room onto your home in which screens will be used to separate you from the outdoors, the major benefit is your home’s value. In any day and age, a homeowner is always trying to figure out a way to increase the value of their home and adding a screen room is a very easy, cost-effective way to do just that.

Screen Room
Entertainment Area – With a screen room you will enjoy having the additional space for entertainment. Friends and family will enjoy the bug free, shaded room where they can sit and enjoy your landscaping or garden during the day or in the evening.
If you are considering a screen room or enclosure, contact Coverall Aluminum. Coverall Aluminum offers custom solutions for your Florida home.

Visit for screened room solutions or call 1-800-833-9685.

Coverall Aluminum offers quality work at a fair price!

How to Buy New Windows?

When narrowing your choices, weigh features, price, and attributes that matter to you.

In addition to reducing your energy bill, new windows can make your home more comfortable, quiet, and attractive. Replacement home windows have become more energy efficient in recent years.

Consider Style and R-Value

Some styles of windows are more energy-efficient than others.  The most energy efficient ones are casement windows. These open from a hinge, either at the top or one side of the window, by means of a crank that you turn.  Because the sash is designed to fit tightly against the weather seal when closed, they let very little air through.  In fact, when the wind blows against the glass of a casement-type window, it pushes it against the sash, which simply makes it seal even more tightly.  These usually fit in best with a contemporary design.  The second type is the double hung window.  This is the more traditional style with which you may be familiar.  They consist of a lower pane and an upper pane.  When you wish to open it, you slide the lower pane upward.  The weather seal that is used on double hung windows becomes damaged over time, which means it lets in more air than an undamaged seal.  However, these windows can usually be tilted inward for cleaning, which makes them more convenient in this aspect.  The third type of is a sliding window.  This is basically a double hung window, but it slides from left to right, instead of up and down.  It is subject to the same sort of abuse as a double hung window, which makes it just as inefficient.

R-value is the biggest factor in the energy efficiency.   R-value is the measure of how much heat loss your windows are capable of preventing.  Therefore, you want the highest R-value possible.  The lowest R-value that is acceptable if you are trying to build an efficient home is R-3.  Of course, the higher the rating, the more efficient the window.  The corollary to that is the higher the R-value, the more expensive it will be.  A good rule of thumb is to choose a window with the highest R-value that you can reasonably afford, in relation to the energy savings that you expect to receive.  This is especially true if you live in a cold climate.  Keep in mind that R-value is rated according to the window’s efficiency in the center of the glass.  The edges will be less energy-efficient than the R-value reflects.

How to Save Money with New Windows

New windows not only provide your home with great curb appeal like a new roof, siding or landscape, but they also provide so much more. New windows can save you money! 40 percent of central heating is lost through windows and doors, quality window replacement with proper insulation will ensure that you have a substantial savings on utility bills.

Another great way that windows will save you money is in maintenance costs and convenience. New windows don’t requite the constant upkeep of scraping, replacing putty and repainting.

Good windows that are installed properly and don’t allow for any air leakage can yield a substantial savings. So how do you know how much you will save? Well that will depend on the type of windows you choose and the windows you are replacing along with their current condition.

In the average home, 38 percent of the heat loss is through windows and doors. In some cases fixed windows may be an option. A fixed window can’t open or close and their simply are no gaps for air to escape. Fixed windows may be an excellent option in certain locations.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Interested in installing replacement windows in your home? There is good reason to do it as soon as possible! Replacement windows offer any home an enhanced interior, as well as curb appeal. Not to mention energy efficiency as newer windows tend to have better technology. Low-E windows help reduce the transfer of heat inside or outside of the home. This means lower energy bills and better temperature control for the homeowner.

Replacement windows provide one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project, and if chosen properly and treated with care, you may never need to replace your windows again.

At best, the average rate of the window replacement cost recouped was 91.6%, which means that even if you move, you will gain value from your choice to replace your windows.

When to replace your windows

If your home is 10 years older it may be time to replace your windows. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows will give your home added beauty, curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency. Wouldn’t it be great to see a significant savings each month in your energy bill.

How do you know if it is time to replace?

Does your home feel too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer?

Do you feel air (cold or hot) when you pass by windows and doors?

Do your curtains billow or blow, even when they are closed?

Are your windows cracked?

Does your door let in drafts?

Do you need a step ladder to clean the outside of your windows?

Are your monthly energy bills getting more expensive?

If you answered yes, you should replace your home’s windows with new, energy efficient windows.

About Window Glass

Infrared light is what we know as heat. “Low-e” (low emissivity) glass has the ability to block out certain amounts of harmful UV light as well as certain amounts of IR light. When IR light enters your home, it heats up your home which cost you additional money to cool down. “Low-e” glass reflects this energy, keeping your home cool in the hot summer months.

During the winter monthe, your “low-e” glass will keep that heat from escaping by bouncing the heat energy it creates back into your home, instead of letting it out like you old, drafty windows. The heat reflecting properties of “low-e” glass will help keep your energy costs down year round, making them the smart, economical choice when replacing the windows in your home.